Ashley Strevel

Ashley Strevel

Director of Communications & Public Affairs

As director of the Communications & Public Affairs department, Strevel is responsible for leading public communication strategies, crisis communications, media relations, community affairs, and the development of strategic messaging for all city departments. The city’s communications department serves as a hub for other city communications with the goal of promoting accessibility for the community using all forms of communication platforms. Prior to joining the City, Strevel was a communications manager in higher education. She enjoys spending time with her husband, contributing to her community, and volunteering as a leader in her church.


Sam Hankins, Communications Specialist

Sam is responsible for writing and publishing internal and external communications to our staff, media, and the public, including news releases, blogs, columns, newsletters, and other content. Sam works with each department to help draft and edit written content and determine opportunities to publish news to the media, promote achievements, and distribute relevant information to the public in a timely manner. Prior to joining the City, Sam worked as a copy editor for print publications. In her spare time, she enjoys acting and writing for theatre, and she is pursuing an online master’s degree in Spanish translation and interpretation.


Ashley Scott, Digital Media Specialist

Ashley is responsible for coordinating our organization’s main social media accounts and supporting other departments' accounts, monitoring our website analytics and some design, and finding creative opportunities to support each department’s communications efforts to engage our community. She supports all City departments in their social media and website goals. Prior to joining the City, Ashley worked as a major accounts manager for a media and marketing company. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children and is pursuing an online doctorate in strategic leadership.

George Partida
Shane Blucher

George Partida, Multimedia Manager

George is responsible for working with the Communications & Public Affairs director in collaboration with other departments, community partners, and vendors to produce quality media projects to educate citizens about the activities and services of the City. This role manages the City of Victoria municipal television channel, Vtv15, including the production of its original content, and supervises the activities of the videographer/multimedia specialist. George manages and creates audio podcasts, radio programs, and other creative video outlets and moderately supports graphic design work. Prior to joining the City, George worked for Faith Family Church as its media and television director. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife of 10 years and his church family.

Shane Blucher, Videographer/Multimedia Specialist

Shane is responsible for supporting the needs of the City of Victoria municipal television channel, Vtv15, and creates audio podcasts, radio programs, graphic design, and other creative video outlets. Prior to joining the City, Shane worked for UHV as a creative services manager. In his spare time, he enjoys golfing, exercising, billiards, and good conversation and humor.